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Here are a few comments that have been made about the Okabena Webpage....
We had our meeting last night and we all came to the consensus that the Okabena Web Page is the best around.  You do a great job maintaining that.  Keep it up.  If you need help, or anything, let me know.  I'd like to learn how to do a web page.  Like I said, keep up the good work.
--Ardis Hotzler

Pat, great website.  Enjoyed looking at it.
---Richard Pletcher
I have enjoyed the Okabena web page ... keep up the good work !
---Linda Crossfield

I was thinking that perhaps you should have more on the Legion's page. Perhaps have
information about their charity works and such. And also put on there the times for BINGO.  Otherwise, it looks very nice.

--- Stacy Hussong

Hello from California! My name is Lisa Schulz Pedersen and I found your site doing
research on my family tree. I am related, by adoption, to the Ahrens family!! Wow! My
grandmother, Doris Ahrens Schulz was adopted by the Ahrens family in the early 1900's.

I have been told that her original last name was Clark, and she was adopted through a
Lutheran church. I will need to do more investigating on that.

I really loved your website. I haven't found such great and complete information on any
town website! After reading the history of Okabena, I feel like I know some of the
characters. I hope your town continues to grow and thrive!
Thanks again!

Greetings from Kansas.  I just got around to looking at the pictures from the web site.  It was great to see all the coverage you got for the 4th.  The page on the tractor pull was very special to me for obvious reasons.  I printed the page with the Class of '64 float from the parade for our scrapbook and will use it in our 45th reunion book. 

I got a good laugh about the history "whiz".  I didn't know that "Aden's hill", as it was known when I was growing up, had been a road.  I just thought it was a great place to take the sled!

Thanks for all the work you put in keeping this page interesting.  You are part of what makes small towns great. 


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