Okabena, Minnesota History
This site is dedicated to the history and future of the city of Okabena.
(Okabena's history was provided courtesy of the Okabena Centennial Edition of
The Okabena Press, Jackson County History Books,
Jackson County Historical Museum and
Tri-County News.)

Derived from an old Indian word, Okabena means "Nesting place of heron." Okabena was once known for wildlife. Along with the wildlife, many other interesting events have taken place within its small borders. Motorized Surfboards were once produced and sold in this community, hundreds of miles from the sea. Now, the town that people thought would leave the map, has hung on, and is making a come back. With the remodeling and addition to its school, Southwest Star Concept, the town is picking up again. Although its numbers are small, Okabena has a thriving sense of community. 

Welcome to the history of Okabena, Minnesota.  Okabena has an  amazing history filled with trials and triumphs. Naturally history that has spanned 125 years  gets lengthy.  I have broken it down into sections and timelines.  Perhaps as you read some of the history,  you will recognize the names of descendents, friends, or even Okabena citizens of today!!!  

This is only the beginning and more links will be added as they are completed.  If there are any corrections or additions to the Okabena History, please provide the information by using the contact addresses on the Contact Page

O-ke-be-ne - Name Origin 
Okabena - How It All Began - First Half-Century
Okabena - The Second Half-Century

Okabena's History Since 1979 - History of the Last 25 Years
2000-to Present
Current Okabena Stats

Special History Items
German Band
St. John's Lutheran Church History
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church History
United Methodist Church History
Okabena Bridge History
Okabena Cemetery History
Old Okabena Photos